Pricing & Payment

Consultation Charges
With effect from Friday 31st March 2023,
charges will be increased as indicated in brackets.
Consultation (10 minutes)



Children (under 5 y)
(see below for Terms and Conditions of Payment)
Children 5-15 y
(see below for Terms and Conditions of Payment) (In Surgery or Telephone)



GP Telephone Consultation



Home Visit (including children under 16)



Antenatal package (10 appointments and post-natal check)£160.00
Smear consultationFREE
Nurse consultation



Additional Investigations
Blood tests£20.00
Genitourinary screening£20.00
ECG & GP follow up£40.00
24 hour BP monitoring£42.00
Pregnancy test£5.00
Ear syringing/Irrigation£20.00
Ear Micro-Suction£79.50
Private letter charge£30.00
Referral letter£20.00
Referral for investigation£7.50
Private forms£10.00
Prescription posted to home address£7.00
Prescription posted to Pharmacy of your choice£7.00
Prescription collected from Reception£5.00
Urgent prescription£7.00
Prescription delivered to Island Pharmacy£5.00
Additional Procedures
Cortisone injections£20.00

Minor Surgery
With effect from Friday 31st March 2023,
charges will be increased as indicated in brackets.
Minor surgery£170.00
Shave excision surgery£100.00
Removal of ingrown toenails£200.00
Suture removal£20.00
Vasectomy – Initial Consultation



Vasectomy – Procedure£750.00
Family Planning
With effect from Friday 31st March 2023,
charges will be increased as indicated in brackets.
Depo-Provera consultation, 3 monthly injection£30.00
Counselling appointment for coil or implant



Nexplanon Implant fitted or replaced£100.00
Nexplanon Implant removal£80.00
Mirena IUS or IUD coil fitted or replaced£100.00
Mirena IUS or IUD coil removal£20.00
Smear consultationsFREE
Well person medical£120.00
Corporate medicalsInquire within
Travel Clinic
With effect from Friday 31st March 2023,
charges will be increased as indicated in brackets.
Travel clinic initial consultation



Travel clinic follow up consultation£10.00
Popular Vaccines
Hepatitis A£36.00
Hepatitis A & Typhoid£48.00
Hepatitis A & B£53.00
Hepatitis B£10.00 each
Rabies£61.26 each
Yellow Fever£57.00

Please note: Travel advice cannot be given over the phone.

GP Out of Hours

For up to date charges please follow the link below.

Out of Hours GP service Jersey Doctors on Call (

Terms and Conditions of Payment

Fees are payable at time and day of service. A £5.00 Account Booking Fee applies to all surgery consultations not paid for on the day, this fee may be deducted if payment in full is received within 7 days of the invoice/consultation date.

Payments can be made online at

All accounts are payable in full on receipt of invoice and/or statement.

A £5.00 Overdue Account Fee will be applied to all overdue accounts on a monthly basis until payment is received in full.

An administration fee of £25.00 will apply where a payment is returned unpaid.

All Repeat Prescriptions and Travel Vaccinations must be paid for on the day, no accounts will be issued.

We require a minimum of 3 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment to prevent cancellation or DNA charge being raised.

The above prices are a guide for patients, and it is at the doctor’s sole discretion if they are fully implemented or reduced in certain circumstances.

Free children’s (under 5 y) consultations are available at all four sites during normal surgery hours, where the child has a valid health card and where at least one parent or legal guardian is registered with the practice.  Some additional services beyond a standard consultation will, however, continue to attract a fee. A fee will be charged for home visits and out-of-hours consultations.

To book an appointment call 01534 51 61 51